Connections Project Day 1

This project came to be after years of feeling, well, disconnected. I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way, either. After the rise of email and social media, years of social distancing, preferences for remote work, and schisms in society so wide that it just plain makes you want to avoid most people, we are more isolated than ever.

I have a pretty good life, overall. But when I take the time to reflect on where I want to improve, a lot of it comes back to what I call feeling disconnected in various areas of my life.

What does it mean to be disconnected? I think that it means struggling to make decisions because I don’t even know how I really feel, emotionally, or what I really want for myself with so many other influences pulling at me. It means being stuck in fear of rejection, or “What will they think?” Feeling disconnected means that when I need help, I don’t know who to ask anymore, or I’m afraid of bothering people. It means that I’ve been avoiding people and certain situations too, maybe because it just feels easier sometimes.

I’ve decided to approach this Creating Connections Project over the course of 12 months, and break it down into a theme for each month (structurally inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project). These themes correspond with areas of personal and professional growth, and also areas where I have felt disconnected.

Month 1 – Connection with Self and Emotions

Month 2 – Connection with Neighbors

Month 3 – Connection with Community

Month 4 – Connection in Relationship/Dating

Month 5 – Connection in Work

Month 6 – Connection with Family

Month 7 – Connection with Friends

Month 8 – Connection with Environment/Animals/Pets

Month 9 – Connection with a Higher Power

Month 10 – Connection with Personal Finances

Month 11 – Connection with Health and Fitness

Month 12 – Connection with Education and Intellectual Growth

Through these themes, I’ll take a look at how to get more connected, rooted, and aligned, communicating for true connections. The opposite, which I’ll aspire not to do, would be to avoid connection, engagement, introspection, and reaching out, even as difficult and messy as it sometimes can be.

I’m doing this because for years – over a decade – I’ve designed my life to be completely independent, living alone, working alone. My work is remote, alone, and rarely involves face-to-face interactions. While this may sound highly desirable to some, its extremes have made me lose out on the happiness that comes through connection. And so, this project. To get reconnected.






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